Reimagining Public Safety Reinvention and Collaborative Plan #2

Past Meeting

Meeting Time: 2021-01-14T23:00:00+00:00
Location: Online


  1. #1: 911 Call Center

  2. #2: Non-police resources in crisis intervention

    Use of non-police resources that can support Sheriff’s response in crisis intervention

  3. #3: Appropriate Deferral of Calls

    Deferral of Calls for Service to Appropriate Social Services Entities

  4. #4: Overview of Mental Health Services

  5. #5: Targeted programs

    Targeted programs for at risk populations to reduce violence

  6. #6: Community based outreach

  7. #7: Support roles of non-profit organizations and religious organizations

  8. #8: Schools

    The role of the Sheriff’s Office in our Schools